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Giving birth to your baby and letting it be captured by a photographer? It doesn’t cross a lot of parents minds and especially fathers don’t feel much for it! Understandable because it is a very intimate moment and you want to experience that just with the both of you, right?

But once a photographer attended the birth and captured those special moments, a lot of couples think very different. The image people have in mind is often not reality. As a birth photographer you are present at the background. People mostly won’t notice you are there. And how special is it to be able to relive those beautiful moments over and over. A lot of times the mothers can’t remember some parts of the birth and now they can still see how it all was.

Doris’ father wrote a nice story for me about how he thought about it at first and how he thinks about it now he has experienced it! Nice to read that he actually liked having a photographer during this moment and if there is a next time, he will definitely make this choice again!

“Evelien was talking about a birth photographer already in an early stage of her pregnancy. I didn’t see why we should do this and I was stunned by the costs.

After a lot of nagging I finally agreed, if it is that important to her… But in the end she decided not to do it. Untill your offer! She was so happy! I agreed instantly and actually I was happy I didn’t have to make the pictures myself.

"The photos are so beautiful! I would never be able to do that myself."

The photos are so beautiful! I would never be able to do that myself. It’s so nice to now have a storyline in the photos… You can do more with them then when you just take some pictures yourself. I’m sure Evelien will make some kind of book of it now.

A planned C-section was perfect for me. No sitting hours on the side of the bed, no pacing up and down the hall. We only had to wait an hour because in the hospital things took some longer. You were there already and that hour went by so fast because you can talk about way more things than when you are just with the two of you. Then all has been said and done and you are just waiting. The distraction was nice for us.

"If there will be another baby I will instantly say yes when Evelien wants a birth photographer again!"

I had the option to watch the C-section or not. But when the doctor said “if you want to watch, you’ll have to stand up now”, I decided to stay seated! When they showed my daughter and I thought: huh she has red hair! But it was still some blood…

Cutting the umbilical cord was strange just for show, but anyway nice that they let you.

When Evelien had to stay in the room to sleep, we already went to the department. Otherwise I just sat there, so now it was nice to be able to chat with someone!

If there will be another baby I will instantly say yes when Evelien wants a birth photographer again!

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