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I meet Marlisa and Menno in my studio for a session. I had a nice offer and they came together with their daughter and the mother of Marlisa to get some nice photos. Immediately it was a nice session! Marlisa is a colleague of my mother-in-law and that’s why she heard that I also offer maternity and newborn sessions. She asked for some information and the booking was made shortly after that!

During the maternity session I was telling about starting birth photography as well! Marlisa told me it would definitely be an option when the time was there for her and she wanted to discuss it with Menno. Soon after the session she texted me that they wanted me present at the birth!

So after the 37th week of the pregnancy no more alcohol for me ;) My telephone always on! And a lot of contact with Marlisa about how she felt and how the check-ups went. Little Nola was not ready to come at that time, but on May 8th the time was right! Mothersday! At 6.26 am my phone rang. Malisa’s mother called. It started already the night before. And now Marlisa had 3 cm. Exciting! Even though it was Mothersday for me too, I was directly out of bed to prepare everything! I was ready for it!

At 7 am they would go to the hospital. At 7.41 am they called me again. Now it was Menno asking if I could come to the hospital. She already had 5 cm! So I got into the car and drove to Goes. My boyfriend prepared a beautiful Mothersday breakfast, but that eventually became a late lunch, haha.

When I enter the room Marlisa is in the bath. Fully focused but still relaxed. The contractions are already pretty serious at this point! At 8.25 am the contractions get serious and I see Marlisa having a hard time. They follow up very quick and the time in between is about 3 minutes. Still she remains very relaxed and I also notice she is still very clear. She really knows what is happening around her.

The midwife checks how far she is. 7cm! “Yes” I hear Marlisa say. At 8.35 am Marlisa gets out the bath. The contractions follow up fast and she prefers not to give birth in the bath ;) She gets into bed and suddenly is very cold so she gets tucked in nicely.

At 8.43 am the midwife checks again. 8 cm! The check up hurts. Marlisa curses and then says “sorry”, what I thought was cute ;) She says sorry a lot after things she says or asks. Not necessary at all, but sweet that she still thinks of apologizing having so much pain!

Marlisa wants a new wet towel and Menno is willing to get one. Marlisa sees him wanting to leave for a towel and instantly says “don’t go!” Menno tells her he won’t leave but is only quickly getting a fresh towel. Menno is very involved and sweet during the birth. He supports Marlisa when necessary, strikes her hair softly and gives little kisses on her forehead. So sweet and beautiful to see. He is really into it.

At 8.56 am Marlisa has a serious contraction. I hear Menno say “good job honey, you’re doing great!”. Being a man you can sometimes do so little and sometimes you can just tell when they feel that way. Sometimes they are just standing there, lost, because what can you do more than just being there for her and support her? Menno seems to not have any problem. He is with her all the time and talks to her a lot. I just saw him eating something quickly only once!

At 9.01 am she has 9 cm and she is allowed to push carefully. Marlisa says she finds it a bit hard to push. The midwife explains what is going to happen. She listens very carefully and is clear. The contractions are severe now but she handles them well! Marlisa is a bit scared for the pushing because her previous birth was not that nice, but this time she is doing a great job!

“I feel the littles hairs of your baby!”

At 9.12 am the midwife says “I feel the littles hairs of your baby!” A smile gets on Marlisa’s face and I hear another “Yes!” Marlisa is pushing well now and is not scared anymore! And then, finally, at 9.28 am little Nola is born. At that moment I am at the side and again full of adrenaline. This is the moment I can’t miss, and that remains exciting every time! But so beautiful. The birth of a child… I don’t know if there is anything more beautiful than that.

It is quiet busy in the room so I have to find the right spot. The birth itself is again so beautiful. And again I get emotional when I see the happy Menno and Marlisa! Wow! What a special moment to be present at and even more special to be able to capture this for them!

I make a lot of photos of the moments between Marlisa, Menno and beautiful little Nola. And what a lot of hair she’s got! After that I stay a bit longer because the big sister of Nola is coming to watch her little sister for the first time. Also the grandparents are coming soon now to see the beautiful family!

 When everybody is there, Nola is weighted, measured and checked. After that, daddy is allowed to dress his little daughter.

You can’t wish for a more beautiful present on Mothersday, right?

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